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The All New

Nanorism™ Pro

Your favourite, now even better

Nanorism™ Pro

Crafted from our signature bamboo-fibre fused fabric, the Nanorism Pro is a testament to luxury and innovation.

Experience lightweight, moisture control, quick dry, and silkiness.

An impressive selection of 10 captivating colors

Transform your look with a vibrant spectrum: Explore our range of 10 colors, including 7 exciting new additions, and elevate your style.

Titanium Grey Button

Introducing the all-new sleek and sophisticated Titanium Grey button for a bolder and more stylish look.

Crystal Clear Case

Comes in a crystal-clear enclosure, providing unaltered view of the beauty of Nanorism inside. Also great as a gift.

Legendary Fabric

Loved by many for its cooling fabric and silkiness.
Way better than cotton.

They have experienced it


"Kain sangat lembut dan selesa.
Peluh cepat kering dan tidak berbau busuk. Dah beli 3 kali kurta Nanorism. Kualiti sangat memuaskan. Tolong keluarkan banyak lagi warna".

"Delivery sgt laju ke Sarawak.
Lembut, licin, sgt selesa. Rasa auto hensem terus".

Anthony Lee K.

"Terlalu sempurna dr segi material".

"Kurta terbaik dgn teknologi Nanorism.
Kurta ringan..Tak panas harga berpatutan. Cepat kering.
Sesuai utk selalu simple".

Abd Rahman B.

"Sangat² puas Hati.
Kain lembut, tak panas bila pakai NANORISM. Sesuai dgn saya yg badan besar ni, sejuk bila pakai".

Mohd Jazri S

Improved Comfort

Revised cutting to maximise comfort.
No more tight feeling around chest and armpit area.

Old Version

New Version

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A gesture for your loyalty

Loyalty Reward Offer

Grab the Nanorism Pro at RM99
before it's too late!
Price will be RM119 when time runs out.

Valid from:
27 Oct 10am - 29 Oct 2023 10pm.

Online and boutique.

Offer ends in:

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Comes with two options, long sleeves and short sleeves

Save 8%NANORISM™ PRO Long SleeveNANORISM™ PRO Long Sleeve
NANORISM™ PRO Long Sleeve Sale priceRM119.00 Regular priceRM129.00
Save 8%NANORISM™ PRO Short SleeveNANORISM™ PRO Short Sleeve
NANORISM™ PRO Short Sleeve Sale priceRM109.00 Regular priceRM119.00